Understanding Cricket Infestations

Crickets are common pests that can invade both residential and commercial properties. They are attracted to warm and humid environments, and will often seek shelter in dark and damp areas of your property. Beyond the annoyance of their chirping, crickets can cause significant damage to fabrics, papers, and other household items. Additionally, they can spread diseases and create unsanitary conditions if left unchecked.

Cricket Control
Are you tired of hearing crickets chirping in your home or business? Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also cause damage and spread disease. Exterminex Pest Control Inc is here to help with our expert cricket control services in NY & Long Island.

Expert Cricket Control Services
Our team of trained and experienced professionals at Exterminex Pest Control Inc is here to help you get rid of crickets for good. We provide personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs and property. Our cricket control services include a thorough inspection of your property to identify the source of the infestation. We then use effective and safe methods to eliminate crickets and prevent future infestations.

Why Choose Us
At Exterminex Pest Control Inc, we understand that you have many choices when it comes to pest control services. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality service and customer satisfaction.
Here's what sets us apart:
  1. Personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.
  2. Trained and experienced professionals using the latest techniques and equipment.
  3. Safe and environmentally friendly methods.
  4. Competitive pricing with no hidden fees.

See What Our Customers Have to Say
"I had a serious cricket problem in my basement that I just couldn't get under control. I called Exterminex Pest Control Inc and they were able to come out right away. The technician who came out was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He identified the source of the problem and provided a customized solution that eliminated the crickets for good. I'm so thankful for their help!" - Jane S.

"Exterminex Pest Control Inc is the best in the business when it comes to cricket control. Their team is prompt, efficient, and reliable. After using their services, my property has been cricket-free for weeks. I highly recommend them!" - John D.

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Don't let crickets take over your property. Contact Exterminex Pest Control Inc today to schedule your personalized cricket control service. We offer competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee, so you can trust that you're getting the best service possible. Say goodbye to crickets and hello to peace of mind with Exterminex Pest Control Inc.

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